Leadership and Contacts

Student Leadership


Congratulations to the 2015 -2016 School Year Student Leadership 

Senior Drum Major: Allison Acosta

Junior Drum Major: Anna Hostetter

Band Captain: Josh Meyers

Drumline Captain: Joey Dies

Front Ensemble Captain: Jessica McIntyre

Guard Captain: Haley Gasch

Flute Section Leader: Arlan Coster

Clarinet Section Leader: Esmeralda Irizarry

Saxophone Section Leader: Shea Schroeter

Trumpet/Mellophone Section Leader: Carlos Huertas

Trombone/Baritone Section Leader: Sam Diaz

Sousaphone Section Leader: Matt Drescher


2014 - 2015 Schoo0l Year

Drum Majors: Kirstie Gilbert and Rachel Jeannette
Band Captain: Joey Dies
Guard Captains: Val Peguero and Brittany Steel
Woodwind Captain: Camila Garcia-Medina
Brass Captain: Marc Briguela
Percussion Captain: Jessica McIntyre
Band Secretary: Kala Moore
Flute Section Leaders: Allison Acosta and Camila Garcia-Medina
Clarinet Section Leaders: Esmeralda Irizarry and Keila Moore
Saxophone Section Leaders: Shea Schroeter and Ryan Wagner
Trumpet Section Leader: Josh Meyers
Mellophone Section Leader: Dakota Allman
Trombone/Baritone Section Leader: Anna Hostetter
Sousaphone Section Leader: Marc Briguela

Parent Leadership


Special thanks to the Parent Leadership team for all their hard work.

Parents interested in volunteering for a leadership position are encouraged to contact Mrs Martin.

President – Terry Wagner

Vice President – 

Treasurer – i

Volunteer coordinator – Tony Foster / Lisette LeBron

Uniform coordinator – Lisette LeBron

Fundraising chair – Diane Dies

Secretary – Cathy Foster

Guard Liaison - 


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